Needle Punch Nonwoven Fabric

Needle punch nonwoven fabrics are made from various fibrous webs (usually carded webs) in which fibers are bonded together mechanically through fiber entanglement and frictions after fine-needle barbs repeatedly penetrated through the fibrous web. Needle-punched fabrics have characteristic periodicities in their structural architecture that result from the interaction of fibers with the needle barbs. The performance of needle-punched non-woven, including filtration efficiency, pressure drop, operational life, cleaning performance, dust cake formation, and mechanical and chemical resistance, is influenced by its fiber sizes, fabric porosity, thickness, and fabric permeability.

  • Best Needle Punched Nonwovens Factory Price
    Best Needle Punched Nonwovens Factory Price
    Needle punched nonwoven fabrics with three different areal weights have been developed using micro-denier (0.8 Denier) and fine-denier (3 and 6 Denier) staple polyester fibers, separately. Effect of fiber fineness and areal weight on air permeability, tensile strength, bursting strength and compressibility of the fabric has been analyzed. It has been observed that air permeability decreases with the increase in areal weight of the nonwoven.