Rayson is committed to non woven research, development and production. Its main products are PP non woven fabric, SS non woven fabric, SMS non woven fabric, meltblown non woven fabric, needle puch non wove fabric and spunlace non woven fabric.

Professional Manufacturer of Non Woven Tablecloth (Roll) in China

Professional Manufacturer of Non Woven Tablecloth (Roll) in China

Non woven tablecloth, also known as TNT table cloth, is a textile made from polypropylene material. With the advantages of eco-friendly, easy-to-use, and recyclable, non woven polypropylene tablecloths are widely used in restaurants, hotels, and some special events like parties, weddings etc. Our main products are non woven tablecloth, non woven tablecloth roll, TNT table runner, pre-cut tablecloth roll and non woven placemat.
Blue SS Non Woven Fabric 25gr Width 175mm For Mask

Blue SS Non Woven Fabric 25gr Width 175mm For Mask

This blue SS non woven fabric is used for the first layer of the mask. Normally it is 25gr width width 175mm. The SS non woven fabric is soft, breathable and water repellent. And this blue SS non woven fabric produced by Rayson can guarantee the quality.
SS Non Woven Disposable Hospital Bed Sheet

SS Non Woven Disposable Hospital Bed Sheet

SS non-woven fabric is a good material for disposable hospital bed sheets production, designed for use with nursing beds, hospital beds, and spa beds. These bedsheets are disposable, produced by disposable bed sheets raw material, meaning it provides a hygienic yet cost-effective solution for every clinic.
Polypropylene Spunbond Nonwoven Fabric For Pocket Spring

Polypropylene Spunbond Nonwoven Fabric For Pocket Spring

PP spunbond nonwoven fabric means polypropylene spun-bond nonwoven fabric, is good strength and elongation. It is the right material for pocket spring. The weight of the fabric is from 60gr to 80gr with customized width. Rayson non woven fabric provides you the best pp spunbond nonwoven fabric price, welcome to contact us.


Rayson Non Woven Company is a leading non woven fabric manufacturer and supplier in China which has 15 years of experience in non-woven production and R&D. The perfect quality management system and rich production experience can ensure stable and good product quality

The sales team with 15 years of international trade experience can provide professional services in English, Spanish, Italian, and Arabic. Our products are sold to more than 40 countries around the world.

Rayson has 10 advanced non-woven fabric production lines, which can produce 3,000 tons of nonwoven fabrics in various colors per month, with a maximum roll width of 4.2m. The product types are PP non-woven fabrics, SMS, melt-blown fabrics, and needle punched non-woven fabrics, and spun lace non-woven fabric.

The long-term sufficient raw material inventory in the warehouse ensures the stability of product prices.


Foshan Rayson Non Woven Co., Ltd. Is a Sino-US joint venture, established in 2007, located in the town of Foshan Shishan High-tech Zone, less than 30 minutes from the Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, adjacent to Volkswagen, Honda, CMO and other enterprises, with a complex covering an area of roughly 80,000 square meters and employing over 400 people. The company specializes in the production of spunbond non-woven fabrics and non-woven fabric products, with more than 90 percent of its products sold in more than 30 countries.

Foshan Rayson Non Woven Co., Ltd. Is a seasoned manufacturer in the non-woven fabric industry with years of experience. It is committed to non-woven fabric research, development, and production and has ten advanced non-woven fabric production lines, capable of producing PP non woven fabric, SS non woven, SMS, meltblown, needle puch and spunlace non woven, with the producing weight range from 10gsm to 150gsm within 4.2m width, with an annual production amount weighing over 36,000 tons. The company is capable of producing non-woven fabrics of many different colors and sizes, suitable for many different uses.


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